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Suppliers of Premium Quality, High-Efficiency Woodchip

With over 25 year’s experience in engineering and heating and ten year’s experience in the forestry and land management sector we are not only able to design, supply, install and maintain your biomass heating system but have the expertise to provide a quality woodchip to specifications guaranteed to meet your requirements and that of your biomass boiler.

Unlike heating oil, woodchips are a local and environmentally friendly fuel which is not subject to the same fluctuations seen in the fossil fuel market. Woodchip production provides opportunities to bring historically under-managed woodlands back into a management regime and provides opportunities for employment, making it a very good fuel both economically and ecologically.


Quality Woodchip Is The Key To Success

Sustainable Timber

All of our timber is sourced from well managed woodlands with all of the appropriate felling licences, ensuring traceability of the product as well as ensuring that the forest ecosystem is maintained into the future.  This allows us to provide our clients with a sustainable and efficient product.

Biomass Suppliers List Accredited

We are proud to be accredited on to the Biomass Suppliers List (BSL).  Our BSL accreditation allows our clients that are RHI participants to easily demonstrate to Ofgem that the fuel they are using in their biomass boiler meets the RHI sustainability criteria required to claim their RHI payments.

Multiple Specifications

Whilst diesel and petrol are superficially similar fuels, if you were to fill your petrol car with diesel you are likely to have an engine problem and costly repair.  Woodchip to the wrong moisture content and particle size can cause issues with your boiler, downtime and reduce operational lifespan.  We are able to work with you to identify the correct specification for your boiler and deliver the right fuel.

Flexible Fuel Deliveries

We recognise that no single delivery method is suitable for the vast range of system designs and site restrictions.  At Nexus Energy we are able to provide an array of suitable delivery methods, from walking floor arctic deliveries to tractor and trailer deliveries we will always strive to meet your requirements.

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