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wood pellets

Fully Sustainable pellets, 100% made in the UK from sustainably sourced FSC certified virgin softwood.
Biodegradable & dust extracted, perfect for animal bedding, cat litter & burning.

Wood pellets provide opportunities for natural wood shavings and sawdust generated as a bi-product from the forest industry to be compacted and pelletised into a quality fuel for biomass heating systems. This fuel type has a high energy output and is easily delivered and stored.

Wood pellets have a high energy output and are easily delivered and stored.

Unbranded 15kg bags sold in either:
Full pallet - 65 bags (975kg)
1/2 pallet - 32 bags (480kg)
For anything under 1/2 pallet please send us an email -
UK Delivery Only (Excluding Ireland) - 3 - 5 working days

PICK UP: If you would like to collect, please call or email before purchasing.

*Please note if you're purchasing our Wood Pellets - Heating (5% VAT) you declare you will be using them for burning and no other purpose. Nexus Energy UK will not be held responsible for the incorrect application of VAT rate to your purchase.

By purchasing you are agreeing to our terms and conditions and certify that your purchase is compliant with the relevant legislation.

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