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Froling is a pioneer in modern timber-fuelled heating systems. Whether it‘s the trailblazing invention of modern firewood boilers with high-temperature combustion, wood-chip firing using Lambda technology or the creation of internationally-acclaimed pellet boilers: the script is by Froling. Froling offers a wide range of products across 7 ranges:

P1 / P4 Pellet boiler Ranges (7 – 100kW)

Froling has set new international standards for technology and design with the new P4 pellet boiler.  With an ingenious fully automated operation, this new product from froling is amazingly simple to use and can provide output ranges from 10-58kW.

Highlights include:

  1. Multi layer insulation for the highest level of thermal insulation

  2. Maximum efficiency with a drive for automatic cleaning

  3. Lambdatronic P 3200 control with innovative technology

  4. Speed regulated induced draught fan

  5. Spacious store container with automatic pellet feed

  6. Store gate valve

  7. Insulated cleaning door for excellent heat retention

  8. Spacious user friendly ash drawer for long emptying intervals

  9. Automatic ash removal in two closed ash boxes from 32kW

  10. Patented multiple pass heat exchangers for variable boiler operation

  11. Automatic sliding grate for ash removal, offering maintenance-free operation

  12. Tested burner gate valve

  13. Automatic ignition

  14. Special suction cyclone with integrated soundproofing for almost silent operation


SP Dual log and pellet boiler (15- 40kW)

Two systems perfectly combined – The new dual fuel boiler. The SP dual log and pellet boiler combines two well designed systems. It fulfils all the requirements for log and pellet fuels in two separate combustion chambers. Highly efficient and convenient, the SP Dual guarantees low emissions and energy costs.

Highlights include:

  1. Lambdatronic SP3200 controller with innovative technology

  2. Cladding to protect the inner wall of the boiler and for a longer service life

  3. Large fuel loading chamber logs up to 56cm in length guarantees simple loading from the front and longer periods between refilling.

  4. Durable silicon carbide combustion chamber with long combustion zone for very low en=missions

  5. Large maintenance openings for easy cleaning from the front

  6. Double slide valve system for maximum burn-back protection

  7. Large pellet container with stoker screw for automatic pellet feed

  8. Water–cooled flange (pointing downwards) for safe operation

  9. High quality water-cooled pellet burner with sliding grate for automatic ash removal and cleaning

  10. High quality insulation

  11. Large convenient ash container for easy dust free cleaning and longer removal intervals

S3/ S4 Turbo – Log boiler (15 – 60kW)

The new generation of firewood boilers.

Discover the world of modern firewood boiler technology! Froling’s experienced engineers set high standards for the S4 Turbo firewood boiler and have achieved their goals.

Highlights include:

  1. Broadband Lambda probe for optimal combustion

  2. Speed regulated, low-noise induced draught fan for maximum ease of use

  3. WOS system (Efficiency optimisation system) as standard, for high efficiency and user-friendly cleaning from outside.

  4. Servo-motors as standard for automatic control of primary and secondary air

  5. Large maintenance openings for easy cleaning from the front

  6. New bus control concept with lambdatronic S 3200 Microprocessor control

  7. Carbonisation gas extraction system prevents smoke escaping during reloading

  8. Cladding to protect the inner wall of the boiler and for a longer service life

  9. Large fuel loading chamber for logs up to 56cm in length guarantees longer periods between refilling

  10. Quick heating with special air ducts (optional : automatic ignition)

  11. Durable silicon carbide combustion chamber with long combustion zone for very low emissions


T4 Woodchip boiler (24 – 150kW)

User-friendly, compact, economical and safe: the new T4 from Froling meets all your needs. This boiler can efficiently burn both wood chips and pellets due to its intelligent fully automatic system.

With the silicon carbide combustion chamber, the T4 ensures a high level of efficiency (up to 94.2%) with very low emissions. Well-planned use of energy-saving drives ensures extremely low energy consumption.

Multiple award winning – Particular attention was paid to the efficiency, durability and stability during the development of the T4.  This priority was clearly confirmed when the boiler was awarded the Blue Angel (for woodchip and pellets) and the Austrian Ecolabel.  The T4 consumes little electricity during operation, keeping the operating costs down.

Highlights include:

  1. Durable high-temperature silicon carbide combustion chamber for effective combustion with a high level of efficiency and very low emissions.

  2. Multi-part combustion grate consisting of a fixed insertion zone and the automatic tipping grate for cleaning away ash and foreign bodies.

  3. Automatic ash removal from the combustion chamber and the heat exchanger to the generously- sized mobile ash container.

  4. Underpressure-controlled combustion air supply for primary and secondary air.

  5. Stoker screw with coupled rotary valve for optimal fuel supply and maximum safety.

  6. 3-pass heat exchanger with Efficiency Optimisation System – EOS (turbulators for automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger pipes).

  7. Speed-controlled induced-draught fan with function monitor for maximum operational reliability.

  8. Lambdatronic H 3200 controller with innovative bus technology for complete system solutions. New boiler console with 4.3″ touch display for simple, intuitive operation.

  9. Fully insulated to minimize radiant heat loss.

  10. Broadband Lambda probe for automatic adjustment to different fuel qualities.

  11. Energy-saving drives with spur gears for extremely low power consumption

TX Woodchip and pellet boiler (150 – 250kW)

Convenient, long-lasting, economical and safe: The TX boiler from Froling meets all your needs.

Due to the well-planned and compact design the boiler needs very little space. Froling also offers a wide range of fuel feeder systems for almost all requirements and with the tried-and-tested engineering you can ensure an optimum energy consumption.

Highlights include:

  1. Ventilated step grate for pre-drying of materials and optimum combustion.

  2. Tilted combustion grate to ensure full burnout and grate cleaning during operation.

  3. Heat-resistant ash removal screw between combustion chamber and ash can.

  4. Top quality high-temperature combustion chamber with firebrick lining for very low emissions and an effective combustion at a high efficiency.

  5. Vertical 4-pass tubular heat exchanger with Efficiency Optimisation System (EOS) and with automatically actuated turbulators to clean the flue gas path in the boiler.

  6. Fully insulated to minimize radiant heat loss. 7. H 3200 control system installed ready to plug in.


Turbomat – Woodchip, shavings and pellet boiler (150- 500kW)

Froling’s Turbomat is a unique heating system with a fully automatic wood burner which will operate with a wide variety of wooden material. As a leading manufacturer of biomass heating systems, the Turbomat embodies all of Froling’s expertise in pioneering innovation. They were looking for a boiler that would be perfectly suited for burning other biomass fuels as well as wood chips and they did it.

The Turbomat not only boasts innovative combustion technology but also offers impressive control options. With Lambda controls as standard, combustion chamber temperature monitoring and under-pressure control, perfect combustion is guaranteed for a range of materials. The comfort provided sets new standards in this performance category.

All Turbomat functions are fully automatic, from fuel feed and combustion right through to cleaning and ash removal.

The high-tech Turbomat is designed to be extremely robust, durable and easy to service.

Highlights include:

  1. Efficiently burn both seasoned wood chips and pellets

  2. New SPS 4000 controller with 5.7 inch colour touch screen display for sage and simple remote access via Froling visualisation software

  3. Up to 4 units can be cascaded using SPS 4000 so up to 2000kw can be achieved from the TM range

  4. Moving grate technology

  5. Excellent emissions performance at high load factors

Lambdamat – Woodchip, shaving and pellet boiler (750 – 999kw)(150 – 250kW)

The Lambdamat is a unique, fully automatic system for burning wood chips, shavings and pellets.  It not only offers innovative combustion technology, but also offers a high level of convenience and operational reliability.

The two different types of boiler systems cover the following application requirements : an “Industry” model for dry fuels and a “Communal” model for fuels with up to 50% water content.

Highlights include:

  1. Auto ignition

  2. Lamda control

  3. Self cleaning heat exchanger

  4. Step grate combustion chamber

  5. Automatic ash removal

  6. Flue gas recirculation

  7. Fuel feed system may be a rotating outfeeder, pellet auger screw or hydraulic scraper floor

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