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Lauber L-ENZ (dryer for bulk solids)

Utilisation of water heat from biomass, biogas plants, CHP plants and cogeneration units of heat and power.

The Lauber L-ENZ is used in connection with special hook lift drying containers  (or drying floors) for an efficient and powerful system to dry bulk solids such as wood chips, firewood, grain (etc).

Warm air produced by the Lauber L-ENZ is pressed through flexible air tubes or insulated air channels to special ventilated hook lift containers or drying floor. The drying containers are equipped with a ventilation bottom to allow the warm air to pass equally through the bulk solids from underneath.  The typical drying time for wood chips is approx. 48hrs.

The process drying containers can also be utilized for transporting the bulk solids in connection with a hook lift trailer. This allows solids such as woodchips to be produced directly into the container, dried and transported straight to the intended location (no double handling). Similarly the bulk solid (i.e. grain) can be loaded into the containers from the customer’s site, transported to the drying unit, dried and then delivered back.

The L-ENZ is supplied completely installed and ready for operation with an integrated control room and a flexible control system. High-quality components like radial fan, two frequency transformers (for fan as well as for the heating pump), heat exchanger and heating engineering are completely installed.

If the L-ENZ is to be housed in a building then the high-quality components can be fix mounted on a steel frame and delivered without housing.


Nexus Energy project demonstrating a drying container ready to transport dried woodchip direct to the customer via a hook lift trailer.

Why Dry Woodchips?

The usable heating energy (calorific value) of wood chips depends much more on water content of the wood chips than on the species of wood. Fresh wood chips with a water content of 55% (W55) provide approx. 2000 kWh in energy per ton.

By drying the wood chips to 20% water content (W20), the calorific value is increased enormously up to around 4000 kWh per ton. Or in other words: in a burning process of one ton of dried wood chips approx. 400 l of heating oil can be substituted.

For wood chip boilers, dry wood chips equate to higher efficiency, clean and more even combustion that in turn ensures trouble-free operation and a long-lasting lifetime of the heating system.

Utilising surplus heat?

Using water heat from biogas plants and CHPs or available surplus of heat during summer, a viable, economic and renewable energy yield is achieved. Furthermore the L-ENZ can in many cases substitute the function of an emergency cooler and be eligible for renewable heat incentive payments.

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