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ETA are an Austrian based company that have been manufacturing world leading boilers for over 17 years and currently produce over 10,000 boilers a year. ETA specialize in developing a range of wood chip, log and pellet boilers that are fully automatic, highly controllable, efficient and extremely reliable. ETA offer a variety or quality products across 6 ranges:

ETA PU – Pellet Boiler (7-15kW)

A complete boiler room in the boiler – A heating circuit pump (energy efficiency class A) with mixing valve, expansion tank (18 litres), safety devices and diverter valve to the hot water tank are all built into the boiler and ready for operation – a compact “boiler room” in the boiler with minimal installation costs. Even a second heating circuit in- side the PU is possible.

With its noiseless ceramic ignition, the PU doesn’t need a room of its own.

Since the PU needs less space, there’s more space in the new boiler room for your hobby. With an external combustion air supply, the PU can even be operated in a living space with controlled ventilation.


ETA PE-K – Pellet Boiler (35-90kW)

The ETA PE-K offers pellet heating output of up to 90 kW and features a complete control system that can also incorporate a solar heating system or a small local heating network. The boiler features active monitoring of all functions and remote maintenance via GSM and Internet, making it ideal for contracting applications.

A ceramic-lined combustion chamber with secondary air turbulence guarantees a clean fire with a high burnout temperature, while the flue gas recirculation minimises the grate temperatures to prevent slag formation. The pellets are pushed onto the side of the grate without diversions or bottlenecks. At intervals that depend on the output level, the grate is tilted by 90° after a controlled ember burnout in order to automatically remove ash from the combustion chamber.

After short breaks in combustion, the refractory- lined combustion chamber still remains hot enough that any new fuel which is fed in can be ignited by remaining embers. The ignition fan only needs to be activated after longer periods without combustion. To save electricity, the ignition fan is deactivated immediately after successful ignition, recognised by the lambda probe and exhaust temperature.

Pellet Compact (PC) – Pellet Boiler (20-32kW)

The ETA PC is a space-saving wonder thanks to the design of the new PC, ETA have produced a pellet boiler that would not look out of place in your living room. The ability to place the boiler right up to the wall frees up space in your boiler room for other purposes.

A pellet store need not take up any more room than an oil tank and can be situated up to 20 meters from the boiler.

Most houses have space for a boiler like this, there by making the PelletsCompact an ideal choice when up- grading your heating system.


SH- Log Boiler (20-60kW)

Just add wood — no need for matches

When you open the outer insulating door, the induced draught fan starts up automatically and quietly. Then you open the fuel chamber door and add half-metre logs. A carbonisation gas ex- traction duct above the fuel chamber door pre- vents the escape of smoke and odours from the open boiler.

The fuel chamber accommodates enough half-metre logs to ensure that replenish- ment is only necessary once a day, or twice on cold winter days.

When you close the fuel door, the replenished wood is ignited by the remaining embers from the last fire. No paper, kindling or matches are required, nor is there any need for an automatic ignition.

You can clean the heat ex- changer with a few pulls on the cleaning lever. The ashes only need to be removed from the boiler once a week, or every 14 days during transition periods.

It sounds simple because it is – after all, user-friendliness is paramount at ETA.

Hack – Woodchip boiler (20-200kW)

Which wood will you be using to operate your boiler? Today you may be thinking of spruce chips straight from the forest, but tomorrow a furniture factory may offer you very dry beechwood waste – no problem! With the lambda probe, the ETA HACK control system measures the residual oxygen in the flue gas and adjusts the fuel input and air supply according to the energy density of your fuel. Whether you use moist spruce chips, loose dry wood waste or very dense pellets – the control system adapts to the fuel perfectly. Industry-standard Coarse industrial wood chips from a sawmill can be burned without difficulty. With their generous cross-sections for wood chips up to 5 cm (G50), the fuel conveying system’s trough screw conveyors can also easily swallow individual pieces up to a cross-section of 5 cm lengths of up to 12 cm.

The chips are loosened by conveyor screws with a progressively increasing pitch along the length of the closed feeder channel, ensuring smooth and quiet fuel flow.

Better performance with less electricity – Frequently used worm gears have an efficiency of around 65%. ETA’s fuel conveying systems use top-quality spur gears with an efficiency of over 95%. These gears, combined with the progressive screw, can lead to a reduction in electricity consumption of around one-third.

No blockages – The amount of electricity required by the motor is constantly monitored and so any blockages or resistance that build up in the feeder screw are immediately registered, automatically reversing the screws and repeating up to three times if necessary. The floor agitator is simultaneously decoupled via clutch so the motor’s power is exclusively available for un- blocking the screw. Jammed pieces of wood or even stones can be easily loosened this way so fuel transport can resume.


HACK VR – Woodchip, Pellet and Miscanthus Boiler (86-350kW)

A passion for perfection… was ETA’s continued motivation for the HACK VR moving-grate boiler. With state-of- the-art control technology, such as negative pressure and lambda control, combustion chamber temperature monitoring and constantly regulated flue gas recirculation, coupled with efficient combustion technology, reliable fuel transport and an integrated multi-cyclone dust separator, once again ETA succeeded in providing a boiler that combines the highest efficiency and ease of use with the lowest emissions.

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