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Heizomat boilers are all manufactured in Germany from the highest quality materials and components and offer boilers ranging from 30kW up to and beyond 1mW. Heizomat offer two ranges of boilers in the RHK-AK (50-990kW) and the HSK-RA (50 -198Kw).

RHK-AK Range (Woodchip, Pellet, Miscanthus)

The diversity of organic fuels knows practically no limits. A round cyclone combustion chamber with counter-rotating air supply guarantees efficient combustion of the fuel and allows for optimum heat transfer as the hot gases pass through the heat exchanger. Everything which sluggishly turns to gas or burns is slowly moved towards the de-ash system with the chain catches and thereby optimally burned out.


The RHK range will provide a fully modulating and completely automated biomass solution, providing:

  • Automated ignition – Electric glow bar ignition controlled by heat requirements or a timer.

  • Automated fuel feed – Fuel fed automatically on demand via an auger attached to an adjacent fuel store.

  • Self-cleaning – Turbulators in the heat exchanger rotate periodically to remove soot/tar and maintain efficiency over time.

  • Self-modulating – The boiler will automatically feed in more or less fuel depending on how much heat you require.

  • Automated ash removal – A moving grate within the RHK system will provide effortless ash removal.

  • Touch screen controls – Can be linked to text alerts and web based monitoring from anywhere to ensure peace of mind.


HSK Model (Woodchip / Pellet)

This boiler is characterised by its high effectiveness, robust processing, excellent emissions values and simple use.

The high-temperature combustion chamber is integrated into the boiler body and thus the radiant heat of the fireclay bricks is diverted to the boiler water. This modulating boiler has combustion chamber cleaning with an ash-removal paddle and automatic cleaning of the heat exchanger tubes. Incineration is regulated with a lambda sensor with fuel feeding taking place through the renowned Heizomat discharger technology seen below.

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